ORCA Australia Inc. - Reunion 2023

Friday, 29 September - Monday 2 October 2023 | Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort

Orca Australia (OA) is proud to announce its long-awaited reunion scheduled to be held this year in 2023. It has been more than five years since we last met in Canberra in 2016, a time span that partially prolonged due to the unprecedented pandemic circumstances that we have had to endure. However, this is now time again to reunite, rejoice and drench in pure nostalgia along with friends and families!!

a group of passionate excadets who realises that its time to give something back to the society


Rajshahi Cadet College is located on the bank of the once-mighty Padma, 25 km away from Rajshahi city, in the once sleepy village, Mukhtarpur. The foundation stone of the college was laid on 6 November 1964. The full-fledged college was formally inaugurated on 11 February 1966.

It was the fourth of four cadet colleges established in erstwhile East Pakistan and the most scenic among them with a sprawling, majestic campus of 110 acres. Cadet colleges competitively select students entering Class VII and impart the finest of education and training progressively until Class XII to produce products who in due course will be exemplary leaders in their chosen professions . The original goal of cadet colleges was to serve as feeder institutions for military academies such as Army, Navy and Air Force but cadets have always been free to chose any profession and be leaders who will be change agents at home and abroad.

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ORCA Australia portal connects alumni of Rajshahi Cadet College who reside in Australia. This platform not only helps the members to work as one team for our society but also brings visibility to the initiatives taken by ORCA Australia community locally and globally. We are passionate about what we do to make this world a better place to live in both for ourselves and our future generations.

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